How To Apply A Decal To A Glass

If you want to give a custom gift to a friend or family member, treat yourself, add an extra special touch in a bridesmaid box or give a bride and groom a special glass to toast their big day then vinyl glass decals can do all of that! 

This is a bit of a fiddly process so you may want to check out a few videos online as well as my instructions to make sure you know the best way to apply vinyls to your style of glass.

Watch my quick video tutorial for a curved glass here: 


Step 1:

Figure out where you want to put your decal, and if it is on a curved glass, it can help to add some tiny slits to the transfer tape and paper, just be careful you don't accidentally cut any of the lettering.  

Step 2: 

Flip over your decal and using a plastic store card or squeegee, smooth down the backing paper so that it is completely flat. Now slowly peel the paper away from the transfer tape, making sure the vinyl is not attached to it as you take it off. If it is, push it back down again carefully.

Step 3: 

Apply the vinyl to your chosen glass. Press down in the middle first and smooth outwards, using a store card/squeegee if needed. 

Hot Tip: If you're applying from left to right, add some water to your glass and that will give you a line to work from to keep it straight

Step 4: 

Once you have it stuck in the right place, carefully peel the transfer tape off, making sure to push any of the lettering down if it comes up with the tape. 

Step 4

Ideally leave the vinyl for 72 hours before using, and carefully hand-wash each time. It isn't dishwasher safe. 


If you have any issues with your vinyl, take a look at: