How To Apply A Decal To A Jar

Adding decals to jars is great if you want to organise your home, create a honeymoon tip fund, make up a gift in a jar for a loved one or put together a manifestation jar like I have in the tutorial below... 

and the written instructions here... 

Step 1:

Place your jar between two objects so that it doesn't roll away. Then turn your decal over and rub the backing paper with a plastic store card or vinyl scraper. 

Step 2: 

Slowly peel the paper away from the tape, pushing down any letters that come up with it. 

Step 3:

Place the decal where you want it to go, then press down from the centre and smooth outwards, making sure to press each bit of the letter on to the jar. 

Step 4:

Once all of the lettering is pressed down, peel the transfer tape off, again pushing down any letters that come up with the tape. It can be a bit fiddly so just go slow!

Step 5:

Decorate with any other stickers or embellishments of your choice, and then you're done!


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