How To Apply Decals To A Bottle

Decals are a great addition to bottles where you want to make your own water bottle or shampoo, conditioner or soap dispensers for the home. 

Take a look at the video for instructions here:

Or the written instructions below:

Step 1: 

Put items on either side of your bottle to stop it rolling away and figure out where you want to put your decal. 

Step 2:

To help it bend, you might want to cut round the letters as close as you can, put small slits into the paper and tape (being careful not to cut the letters), or cut the wording into sections if that is possible. 

Step 3:

Flip your decal over and rub the backing paper with a credit card or vinyl scraper. Then peel the paper away from the tape, pushing down any letters that come up with it. 

Step 4:

Place your decal on the bottle, and push the middle down first, smoothing outwards from there. You can use your card/scraper again if needed. It may take a little bit of smoothing to get all of the lettering to stick down. 

Step 5:

Once you're happy that it's all stuck, peel the tape off, again pushing down any letters that come up with it. 

Step 6:

And that's it done! Ideally leave 72 hours before getting it wet, and it is handwash only after that, not dishwasher safe.