How To Apply Decals To A Diary/Scrapbook

Use decals to personalise a scrapbook or give yourself a bit of a boost on your diary. 

Take a look at how to apply your decal here:

or read the written instructions below... 

Step 1: 

Flip over your decal and rub the back with a credit card/vinyl scraper. 

Step 2:

Peel the paper away from the decal, pushing down the lettering if it comes up with the paper.

Step 3:

Place your decal where you want it to go, push it down and smooth out the transfer tape. 

Step 4:

Peel the tape off, again, pushing down the lettering if it comes up with the transfer tape. Go slowly, this bit can be a bit fiddly! 

And you're done!


If you have any issues with your decal, take a look at these tips here: