How To Apply Decals To Shoes

Adding vinyl decal stickers to the bottom of your wedding shoes is a super easy way to add some extra personalisation to your big day, give your guests a smile and it makes a cheap but very cute photography prop too! 

Watch my quick video tutorial here: 

Step 1:

Make sure your decal fits on the shoe and doesn't need rearranging or placing in a different area

Step 2:

Using a store card (I use a plastic loyalty card) or a cricut/silhouette vinyl applicator if you have one, smooth down the transfer tape to get rid of any bumps or air bubbles. 

Step 3: 

Peel the paper away from the tape, pushing down any letters that come up as you do so.

Step 4: 

Place on the shoe, smoothing down again with a card or scraper. Then peel the tape away slowly, making sure to push down any letters that pull up with the tape. 

Step 5: 

Make sure it is secure and then repeat on the other shoe. 

Try to apply at least a few days before you are going to wear them, and remember they will get dirty/make come off, so if you want to get photos, do get them as early on as possible in the day.